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Setting up DailyAcademia is a piece of cake, taking just two minutes to configure your personalized research queries and activate your email feed.
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At DailyAcademia, we offer flexible pricing plans tailored to individuals and institutions. Whether you're a dedicated researcher, student, or part of a research organization, we have a plan that suits you perfectly.

Individual Basic

Perfect plan to get started
€5 per month

This plan offers up to 5 personalized queries, making it perfect for those with specific research interests.

  • 30 Day free-trial
  • Up to 5 personalized queries
  • Unlimited Emails
  • ChatGPT Abstract Summaries
  • Keyword Trends

Individual Premium

Tailored to the avid researcher
€10 per month

Perfect for individuals seeking comprehensive access to the latest papers across various subjects.

  • 30 Day free-trial
  • Up to 5 personalized queries
  • Unlimited Emails
  • ChatGPT Abstract Summaries
  • Keyword Trends


Built for universities & research organizations
From €250 per month

Designed for universities, research organizations, and companies, this plan is the ultimate choice for ensuring that all members within your institution or company have access to the latest research and scientific trends.

  • Unlimited Premium Users
  • Dedicated landing page
  • One convenient license

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